6.7 Magnitude Earthquake Jolts North-Central Part of Chile on Saturday Killing Two

6.7 Magnitude Earthquake


According to the USGS (US Geological Survey), a strong 6.7 magnitude earthquake hit north-central part of Chile on Saturday. The police reported that an elderly man and an elderly woman north-central part of Chile suffered cardiac arrests as a result of the quake and was later declared as dead.

The earth quake struck at a depth of 53 km with an epicenter some 15 kilometer of Coquimbo, Chile. The police reported that two people had died due to the cardiac arrest and there were also several landslides reported on the national highway of the region.

The earthquake which hit at 0132 GMT (Sunday) was felt in several provenance of the region including Valparaiso, O’Higgins, region of the capital Santiago and in Atacama and Coquimbo up north.

According to Ricardo Toro of the National Emergency Office, thousands of the homes lost the electricity and there were several cases of destructions reported which showed how intense the earthquake was. The residents of Coquimbo and neighbouring Serena evacuated to high ground as the rumours of tsunami surfaced but it was later ruled out by the authorities, the local media reported.

Chile is one of the world’s most earthquake-prone countries and in the year 2015, an 8.3 magnitude earthquake triggered a tsunami killing dozens of people.

In year 1960 Valdivia earthquake in Chile was the strongest ever reconverted, at 9.5, on the magnitude scale, according to the USGS.

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