Satish Kannaujiya (Editor)
It’s the words that decide who you are and in what way you are made of and that is the only path to a never-ending journey of motivation, inspiration and an extreme touch of seeing new perspective. I am also a cartoonist, an author, writer and professional trainer to provide direction on various aspects related to career and lifestyle improvement for businesses, students and working professionals as it’s a never ending process of motivating others to be their best in their own field whether I train students and employees, motivate people or I write a books.

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Babul Singh (Editor)

Author_ Babul

An Author, with a marketing degree, and instinctive aptitude for Social media Marketing,       I have design insightful content and branding strategies for start-up’s, MNCs, public figures and everything in between because Words can build or damage you based on the way they have been joint in order to make a sentence.

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Thomas Mathew (Contributor)

Author_ Thomas Mathew

Thomas degree in Electronics & Communication with Masters in Mass Communicaiton. With this hybrid educational background, he is passionate about writing about technologies covering Networking and Communication, Telecommunications Systems, Data communication, and Networking devices. He has been offering unbiased reviews on research and development activities related to Network Security and Internet of Things in Communication Technologies. He also likes to simplify arcane topics such as Quantum Internet & Industrial Communication and through his writings seeks to lay bare niche applications areas to the readers. In many of his contributions, he has simplified the labyrinths of technologies for the not so techno-savvy audiences.

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Fiona Carter (Contributor)

Fiona Carter

Having completed Bachelor in Economics and then Masters in Finance, she has over 6 years of experience exploring a wide variety of topics broadly covering securities markets, socio-economic policies, financial technology, and investing. Being a seasoned financial writer, she keeps a close tab on the pace of technology and the inroads it has made into every aspect of the economy and people’s lives. In her writings, she analyses investment strategies of companies and offers a dispassionate view of government policies and industry regulations.

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