Satish Kannaujiya (Chief Editor)
It’s the words that decide who you are and in what way you are made of and that is the only path to a never-ending journey of motivation, inspiration and an extreme touch of seeing new perspective. I am also a cartoonist, an author, writer and professional trainer to provide direction on various aspects related to career and lifestyle improvement for businesses, students and working professionals as it’s a never ending process of motivating others to be their best in their own field whether I train students and employees, motivate people or I write a books.
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Babul Singh (Author)

Author_ Babul

An Author, with a marketing degree, and instinctive aptitude for Social media Marketing,       I have design insightful content and branding strategies for start-up’s, MNCs, public figures and everything in between because Words can build or damage you based on the way they have been joint in order to make a sentence.Connect with Babul at [email protected]

Thomas Mathew (Author)

Author_ Thomas Mathew

Thomas is a traveler and likes to write about the cause and offer help as much as he can. Completed Masters in Media and Communications and has great passion towards technology.

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Fiona Carter (Blogger)

Fiona Carter

Fiona is a passionate blogger who loves to write about beauty and health and also loves movies and books. I eat the pizza crust and is a Coffee addict. Fiona travels a lot around the world and loves to explore new places, meeting new people and then write about it in her diary.

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